Saturday, May 15, 2010

3DNA forum registration -- your id

Over the past couple of months, I have received a few emails with a subject line, as the title of this post, "3DNA forum registration -- your id". Presumably, such an email is from a (potential) 3DNA user, requesting for activation after 3DNA forum registration.

Clearly, "your id" should have been a specified user id. In a couple of cases, I tried to figure out the corresponding 3DNA forum ids based on email addresses and activated them. More recently, I've switched to ask the sender a very simple question: "So what is 'your id' specifically?" In at least two cases, I have never heard back from the original senders with 'your id' specified. To a certain extent, this is a surprising result: providing such information won't take more than a couple of minutes, and this will help me (and others) to help them better with 3DNA-related questions. I can certainly understand occasional negligence, but users must follow some common-sense rules. Thus those registrations are deleted, as junk ones, after some grace period.

The 3DNA forum is open to public for browsing, without registration. At its current settings, no emails are sent from the forum; do not confuse an online forum with a mailing list. You only need to register if you want (and are certainly more than welcome) to get more actively involved in, e.g. asking/answering questions, sharing tips/tricks with other users. These policies are enforced to make the 3DNA forum free from spams, as much as possible.