Sunday, November 21, 2010

Belorussian translation of 3DNA webpages

Recently, I communicated with Paul Bukhovko on the translation of 3DNA webpages into Belorussian. As the author of the original website, referred to as (which is simply a soft link to the above URL) in the 2003 3DNA NAR paper, I was very surprisingly pleased when Paul asked for permission to perform the translation, which I gladly granted.

Regarding the process, Paul commented:
Was a pleasure to translate this page! It's kinda fresh and related to my professional interests, so I thought - why not, if the author allows to do so.

The translated page is at URL: Interestingly, when I used Google Translate to convert the Belorussian version back to English, the outcome is pretty readable. In contrast, when the original English version is directly translated to Chinese, the result is beyond recognition!