Sunday, March 13, 2011

Review article on NMR analysis of protein–DNA interactions by Milon et al

Through Google scholar, I became aware of a recent review article by Milon et al., titled "Nuclear magnetic resonance analysis of protein–DNA interactions" in the journal J. R. Soc. Interface:
This review focuses on the experimental strategies currently employed to solve structures of protein–DNA complexes and to analyse their dynamics. It highlights how these approaches can help in understanding detailed molecular mechanisms of target recognition.
I browsed through the text to get myself more familiar with NMR the methodology and its applications in protein-DNA recognition. I was surprised that 3DNA was cited in the article, especially with respect to its unique analyze/rebuild complementarity:
In addition, several software programs have been developed to model DNA bending such as the 3DNA program, which allows analysis of DNA structural parameters and enables it to be rebuilt with customized DNA models [76]. Several Web servers have been created recently and provide interesting tools to analyse and rebuild DNA models [77,78].
I am only wishing that 3DNA's neat features could be more widely recognized; hopefully I'd have the opportunity to further refine 3DNA and move it to the next level.