Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ebook "Gregory Petsko in Genome Biology: The first 10 years"

Over the years, I have read some of Gregory Petsko's monthly columns in Genome Biology while browsing the journal online, and I like his sensible and entertaining columns quite a bit. Recently, I became aware of the ebook from BioMed Central, "Gregory Petsko in Genome Biology: The first 10 years":
Structural biologist Gregory Petsko has contributed a thought-provoking and entertaining monthly column to the scientific journal Genome Biology every month since its launch in 2000. To mark the 10th anniversary of Genome Biology this eBook brings together 10 years of Petsko's columns.
I downloaded the epub version of the book, and googled around, trying to find a corresponding ebook reader for my MacBook Pro (Snow Leopard) – even though I have some ebooks in the generic PDF format, I am not that familiar with epub or mobi. I finally settled with NOOK for Mac from B&N. It turns out reading ebooks with specifically-desinged apps such as NOOK is quite a different, yet more enjoyable, experience than through a PDF reader.

Now the ebook has become the top one in casual reading list. I am reading it from the very beginning, one column at a time, to have a historical perspective. So far I found the columns indeed very "thought-provoking and entertaining".