Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blogger's duo-editing modes allow for flexibility and convenience

In my experience using Blogger over the past several months, I have begun to appreciate more its double editing mode: Compose and Edit HTML. The Compose mode is a simple WYSIWYG editor, convenient for most common tasks. Once in a while, however, I get stuck with some nasty formatting issues that could drive one crazy to fix. This is where the Edit HTML mode comes in handy, which allows for full flexibility in editing raw HTML.

In principle, I am pretty competent with HTML and could use the Edit HTML mode directly. However, raw HTML is verbose and thus not that convenient. So I normally start a blog post with the Compose mode for most of the content, and switch to the Edit HTML mode only when necessary. Blogger makes the switch between the two modes a simple button click. This is in contrast to the single editing mode in phpBB3 (BBCode) used by the 3DNA forum, which does not allow for direct access to HTML.

Ideally, a software tool should be both flexible and convenient. In reality, however, not that many software could strike a balance between the two factors. Blogger is a nice example. Interesting, in composing this post, I switched back and forth between the two editing modes a couple of occasions: one after copy-and-pasting Edit HTML to stop red coloring of the following text, and the other to qualify the 3DNA forum link text.

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